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EW Profiles Bruno Mars And His Cocaine Habit

I'll be honest here: I have no interest, really, in this profile of Bruno Mars in Entertainment Weekly, because all it really talks about is whether or not his cocaine bust from earlier this week is going to "derail" his career. We can only hope, are you with me fellas? But then the story dropped this gem:


Capping off a stunningly successful summer run: In addition to “Nothin’ on You,” he has co-written, co-produced, and sung on Travie McCoy’s smash single “Billionaire”; co-written and co-produced Cee Lo Green’s profanely catchy viral phenomenon “F— You”; and scored a solo smash of his own with “Just the Way You Are,” currently No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot 100.

Dude co-wrote "Fuck You"! That's why that song is the worst; it's written by Bruno "Entirely Generic Sentiments About Emotions" Mars. I mean, seriously, Cee-Lo. You sold out to this dude. Just the worst news ever. For real. Go here to read about how the guy that co-wrote "Fuck You" has girl fans. 

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Bruno Mars

Damn bro...what did Bruno Mars do to you? Why don't you let someone else write about him, if you hate him so much?


That Cee-Lo song is catchy is all get out. I like it and I definitely disagree with you about that song being the worst. In fact, it is far from the worst.Sorry, but I gotta hand it to the kid. He has a great ear for melody and a talent for creating catchy pop hooks.


LOOOL 'BRUNO MARS IS THE MOTHER FCUKING TRUTH' this dudes filled in the gap in the market by the music itself rather than with a image and glamour which is whats been happening the past decade


aww what happened andrew? did you get your heart broken so deeply that the f--k you song that bruno wrote for cee lo reminds you of the very moment it happened? does hearing this song bring up so much anger in you that your taking it out on beautiful bruno within your article? if so get over it and move on. f--k you is a great song which brings a sense of humor to heart ach which is not easy to do; and yes andrew, men have emotions to. theres nothing wrong with men singing about the highs and lows of love and heart ach. bruno, thank you for bringing music back to life and making it worth listening to again. love you bruno!

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