EW Profiles Bruno Mars And His Cocaine Habit

    I’ll be honest here: I have no interest, really, in this profile of Bruno Mars in Entertainment Weekly, because all it really talks about is whether or not his cocaine bust from earlier this week is going to “derail” his career. We can only hope, are you with me fellas? But then the story dropped this gem:


    Capping off a stunningly successful summer run: In addition to “Nothin’ on You,” he has co-written, co-produced, and sung on Travie McCoy’s smash single “Billionaire”; co-written and co-produced Cee Lo Green’s profanely catchy viral phenomenon “F— You”; and scored a solo smash of his own with “Just the Way You Are,” currently No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot 100.

    Dude co-wrote “Fuck You”! That’s why that song is the worst; it’s written by Bruno “Entirely Generic Sentiments About Emotions” Mars. I mean, seriously, Cee-Lo. You sold out to this dude. Just the worst news ever. For real. Go here to read about how the guy that co-wrote “Fuck You” has girl fans.