Chief Keef and Zaytoven Releasing Collaborative Tape

    Over the past two weeks, several collaborations between controversial Chicago rapper Chief Keef and warhorse Atlanta trap producer Zaytoven have surfaced. All of these tracks are markedly dissimilar to Keef’s formative work (listen to them in tandem with “Bang” and “I Don’t Like). The rapper pares down his mushmouthed rhymes into hypnotic chants, letting the beats provide the kinetic energy. He’s surpassing Young Scooter and Future in his anti-lyricism; it feels like uncharted territory.

    It’s not only Keef who’s developing a more adventurous style , but Zaytoven, too, is experimenting. He’s certainly traversing textural areas beyond his trademark 80s-horror-flick synths and erratic hi-hat triplets. There are mellow dub rhythms and tabla samples. Several keyboard leads are layered on each beat; in the ’00s, he used to prefer to unite songs under one minimal synth riff.

    Zay confirmed this week that these songs are parts of a collaborative project he’s planning with Keef, to be released later this year- presumably a 1017 Brick Squad effort. What happened to Keef’s rumored Almighty Sosa and Bang Part 2 projects? It seems like Sosa is getting a lot of creative steam out of this alliance with Zay, given the diversity of these latest tracks, and logical enough that he’d put the other stuff on the backburner for a while.

     The most recent track, “Peep Hole,” is below, along with all the other recent leaks. (“Hobby” is my favorite.)

    “Peep Hole”


    “Round Da Rosey”

    “No Reason”