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Every day he writes the book: Morrissey autobiography

If you feel a slight tremor under your feet, it's probably just the residual vibration from the other Smiths' reaction to news that Morrissey is at work on an autobiography. The bard of Mancunian misery has long been a favorite whipping boy for the British music press, which has accused him of everything from racism (groundless) to megalomania (well...), and he relishes the opportunity to finally tell his side of what is, after all, his story. He revealed to the BBC that the tome will cover both his Smiths and solo years, but there's no target release date yet. In the meantime, fans will have to satisfy themselves with his new album, Year of Our Refusal, currently set for a February release.



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This is the sort of autobiography that could give James Frey a run for his money...
Love the Moz.

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If this is anything like the memoirs of his hero John Osborne, start preparing the lawyers for the defamation lawsuits...

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