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Even Third Eye Blind don’t care about their new album enough to finish it on their own

Third Eye Blind, those late-90s alt-boom heroes, have announced that they will be asking their fans to help mix their new album via Indaba music, a site that allows musicians to collaborate over the interwebs. Over the next several months, the band will be blogging about the album and releasing stems of the songs they’re working on to use the talent of Indaba’s 75,000 musicians.


How many Third Eye Blind fans can there be out of the random 75,000 people on Indaba? Are there even any Third Eye Blind fans left? If Third Eye Blind are still around, whatever happened to Marcy Playground and Semisonic? They’ll be working on the new Third Eye Blind record via Indaba in between shifts at Chick-Fil-A, probably. [Hypebot]

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Third Eye Blind

I was unaware you owned a musician site, as well as the Prefix.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/thestorfer/1202393jpeg.jpeg andross

I want Chick-Fil-A now.

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Well, anyone who likes brutal lyrics, knows Third Eye Blind -- probably the most underrated rock band. Ask Kimya Dawson. Check out "Slow Motion," which is one of the most brutal songs ever written. Unfortunately, this song was instrumental in the formation of "Emo" bands:


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