Even ‘The Passion Of The Christ’ Will Get A Prequel

    It used to be that blockbuster movies would always get a sequel, assuming they made enough money and were popular enough with audiences. Recently, it’s been all the rage to make prequels to successful films, especially if the ending to the original didn’t really make sense for a continuing story. 

    That’s certainly the case when it comes to Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ. Sure, there’s plenty of action that takes place in the Bible after the crucifixion, but in a lot of ways, a prequel is more logical — especially if you want to tell the story of Jesus’ mother Mary. 

    According to the Guardian, some juicy casting tidbits for the upcoming Mary Mother of Christ have recently been leaked, although none of them are confirmed as of yet. Supposedly, the title role will go to Odeya Rush, the 15-year-old actress who recently appeared in The Odd Life of Timothy Green. Additionally, Peter O’Toole may be tempted out of retirement to fill the role of holy man Simeon. The producers are said to be interested in Ben Kingsley for the role of villainous King Herod, and there’s also been speculation that Judi Dench could be talked into playing Anna, a prophetess. 

    While this film is considered a prequel, it isn’t being directed by Mel Gibson. That honor goes to Australian filmmaker Alister Grierson, though the script is being penned by original Passion writer Benedict Fitzgerald.