Etta James And Beyonce Are Totally Cool

    Apparently Etta James was just joking when she said tht she was going to "whoop" Beyonce’s ass for Beyonce getting the right to sing her song "At Last" at an Inauguration Ball. James is now telling the NY Daily News that she was joking, and was just upset that she wasn’t even asked to perform:


    "I didn’t really mean anything. Even as a little child, I’ve always had that comedian kind of attitude. … That’s probably what went into it," James said.  "[I was] feeling left out of something that was basically mine, that I had done every time you look around."

    So there you have it–Etta James not mad, just disappointed. Which is probably worse for her. But at least Beyonce doesn’t have to worry about taking karate lessons to fight off James. [Idolator]