Estelle and Lily Allen Do Not Hate Each Other

    It seems another possible contender has been identified in the rivalry of Lily Allen vs. The Entire World. Rumors of bad feelings (the word “hate” gets tossed around, but we’ve decided to use a softer tone) between Allen and fellow Brit Estelle have been floating around for some time, but the American Boy singer insists they’re totally untrue:



    “This whole thing of rivalry between me and Lily, I just think “whatever.” I’m on tour 300% of my life, working on my music, so there’s really not much time to say, “I hate that person.””


    In case you’ve been at sea for a few days and haven’t heard, reports of this rivalry come days after Lily Allen and blogger Perez Hilton got into a very public e-scuffle via Twitter. [Angry Ape]