Esquire’s Sexiest Woman of 2012 Is Mila Kunis

    Any parents would be proud to have a beautiful daughter who’s found a successful career in show business, but Mila Kunis’ mother and father must be particularly happy with the life their daughter has made. She’s found success since a young age in voice acting, live action roles and other media, and now she’s been named Esquire Magazine’s Sexiest Woman Alive, according to 2DBZ

    Kunis didn’t simply waltz into this honor. Her family emigrated from the former USSR when she was seven years old, and though both parents were highly skilled professionals, they ended up in Los Angeles with only $250. While an honor like this would be important for any woman, it’s particularly appropriate for this versatile actress. 

    However, Kunis isn’t just a pretty face either. Since winning her first major acting job on That ’70s Show in 1998, she’s found success on Family Guy  and in major blockbuster movies, including this year’s Ted, Black Swan and Friends With Benefits. Congratulations Mila!