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Erykah Badu pregnant by Jay Electronica? is reporting that R&B singer Erykah Badu is pregnant, and the unborn baby’s father is apparently New Orleans rapper Jay Electronica. If the news is true, it will be Badu’s third child by a rapper (her second child is by D.O.C.), and second by an eccentric rapper from the dirty South (her first child is by Andre 3000).

In the mean time, Badu has an album, New Amerykah Part One (4th World War), in stores now. [MediaTakeOut]  

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Erykah Badu
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Hopefully the couple will do with a name for the kid than the father did coming up with his own...

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BTW Erykah & Andre's child is named Seven. how awesome is that?

kind of a tie really with Michael Jackson, who named his kid Blanket.

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Michael did not name his son blanket, he named him Prince...his nick name is blanket


I love Erykah Badu's image,unique dressing style,and her music. I'm a fan so I can only judge her music and artistic craft. What she does in her personal life is her business. As long as she's a caring mother with a nice relationship with the fathers,that's all that matters.Everyone doesn't share the same belief system. I'm not Christian,Muslim,or Jew,so I don't share many people's beliefs systems. No one can call her a sinner because she may not even belief in your beliefs. Everyone has a life to live,so try to let out more positive energy than negative,try not to abuse Mother Nature,and treat people with respect. Peace


What is so amazing, people are always quick to point the finger, saying what they wouldn't do. Looking at Erykah Badu as if she is doing something wrong by deciding to have another baby. Yes, I know, I know they all will have different father's but check this out... One should ask themselves how many times have I had sex and with how many partners. One should also ask did I choose for my unborn child to live or die. If you did not chose for them to live does not mean that the situation did not exist. One should ask, damn... how many babies would I have if I only... How many of us loved the one that we were with but the relationship did not meet the expectation you initially had and because of it, you had to move on. There is only one thing that you can say, Damn!!! that man left me with the most precious gift that God has ever made. As long as Eryka is a good mother, everything is everything. No one knows what she felt for those men. Only she and he truly knows. She might have thought that they were the love of her life. The Most High says "Judge when you are free from sin" That means from the smallest sin to the largest sin, neither one being different from the other. I do believe that we all sin. Whether you belive in The Most High or not. So take your stones and place them back in your own pocket because you may need them to judge yourself.

Vanilla Blue

Love her!! She is beautiful inside and out and if a man can be a baby daddy a few times around why can't she?!!...she loves intimacy and she's hott and everyone in that industry's environment knows it and wants her...quit hatin!!! And as far as Jay Electronica...sweet producer!!...Wish them the best! is hott girl!



ERAKAH,do your thing you have been such an inspiration to me and my life. I love your music and your style. It doesn't matter how many kids you have or how many baby daddies. It is your life live it. Continue to be that free spirit that you are. I can only hope to be as free spirited as you are girl. ***k those haters. They can't ever touch the levels that you have reached. They have no idea. lol


Jay Electronica and Badu are amazing musicians. Sean comes from good stock.

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