Erykah Badu Concert In Malaysia Cancelled Due To Temporary Allah Tattoo

    UPDATE: As pointed out in our comments and elsewhere, it turns out that Badu was let into the country, but the concert was still cancelled by public officials in Malaysia. There is some hope that the concert will happen, as the organizers are appealing the decision. Her DJ has been tweeting a bunch of pics from Malaysia, so they’re apparently still using the trip to do some sightseeing. Sorry for the mistake. 

    Earlier this morning, Erykah Badu’s scheduled concert in Kuala Lampur was officially cancelled by ministry officials, after officials found a photo of her with a tattoo of the word “Allah.” Muslim groups in the Muslim-majority Malaysia said that Badu is not a “good role model” for Malaysian youths and an “insult” to Islam, and they demanded the concert be cancelled. 

    The craziest part of this story? Badu’s tattoo was temporary. It was during a performance and the tattoo was a temporary tattoo on her shoulders. But apparently that was enough for the Malaysian public to get riled up. [Entertainment Weekly