Eric B. & Rakim To Release 25th-Anniversary Edition Of ‘Paid In Full’

    Ask just about any old-school hip-hop head and they’ll tell rightly you that Eric B. & Rakim’s Paid in Full was one of the first classic, and most influential, rap albums. It was 1987 when the record premiered, and it quickly established the duo of DJ Eric and MC Rakim as two of the most dynamic minds in all of hip-hop. And fortunately, those two legends are in the works on a Paid in Full re-release to commemorate the album, 25 years on.

    In a new interview with, Rakim talked about the plans for the reissue, albeit vaguely so. “We got the 25th anniversary of Paid in Full we about to release,” he says. “It’s gonna be a couple new treats on that one.”

    Kim also went on to explain that he’s currently working on some new material, which he’s hoping to release by the end of the year. Watch the interview below.