Epic Sells Franz Ferdinand Song To McDonald’s Without Band’s Permission

    Franz Ferdinand’s third album, Tonight was a commercial success after the underrated You Could Have It So Much Better flopped. Specifically successful was the tremendous single “No You Girls,” which ended up on an iPod commercial. Now singer Alex Kapranos is upset with Franz’s label, Epic, after one of their songs was licensed to a less respected company, allegedly without the band’s permission.


    Reportedly Epic has licensed a Franz Ferdinand track to McDonald’s for use in an upcoming ad campaign, and the news set Kapranos’ Twitter account alight, with the singer lambasting both Epic’s parent company Sony (“Dirty bastards”) and McDonald’s (“I’d rather eat a cow-pat on a bun than a bloody McDonalds”) before jokingly claiming that he’s only mad because he was working a deal with White Castle. As a (pretend) history buff, I am fairly confident in saying this is almost exactly how World War I got started. [Daily Swarm]