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Enough With The Pranks Already, Eminem And Company


So it's like prank week over at Shady/Aftermath, as Clinton Sparks pranked Eminem earlier this week, and today, Eminem gets revenge on Lloyd Banks (with an assist from 50 Cent) as they "prank" Banks by mumbling some shit about Eminem not appearing on his album or something. Basically the best mumble prank of all time right here. Then there's some heartwarming good vibes, so all is forgiven, I guess. Enough already, you jokesters.   


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50 Cent
Lloyd Banks

Seriously though, do you enjoy lifting people's sense of humor and overlaying them over your automaton not-funny sequence 2.7.3?

Stick with the hate because the funny ain't working chief.


50's been doing pranks all year. the shyne one was the nuttiest

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