Engineer Not Happy With J Dilla’s ‘Rebirth Of Detroit’

    A few days ago, J Dilla’s posthumous release Rebirth of Detroit made its way onto Soundcloud, and to our ears it sounded great. But Beats Per Minute reports on an unnamed engineer who is decidedly unhappy with the way the album turned out.

    Posting on a message board, the engineer expressed his disgust with how Jonathan Taylor–the business manager of the J Dilla Foundation–put the project together. He claimes that “JONATHAN TAYLOR FUCKED UP EVERYTHING,” from putting mediocre verses on top of instrumentals to who ultimately got paid. The engineer even goes so far as to say that he wished his own name was kept out of the credits because the album “was and is a disgrace to Dilla.”

    A lot of his contention stems from the fact that the engineer feels like Dilla’s mother didn’t get proper payment. There’s no word yet from Taylor’s camp, but this certainly doesn’t look good. Read the full post at Beats Per Minute.