Empire Of The Sun Goes Walking on a Dream

    Does it still count as a supergroup even if there are only two people in it? In any case, two of Australia’s musical cult heroes will be teaming up under the name Empire Of The Sun for their debut album this spring. Luke Steele of sunny psychedelicists The Sleepy Jackson has joined forces with Nick Littlemore of dance-poppers P’Nau for Walking on a Dream, which is set for an April 21 release on Capitol.


    While the results have been described as a meeting of minds between the two men, a sneak peek at the contents reveals a sound that often seems to hew a bit closer to Littlemore’s side of the sonic fence, with peppy pop tunes and synth tones in abundance. Nevertheless, there’s a warmer, more organic feel to Empire Of The Sun’s sound than that of P’Nau, which can undoubtedly be attributed to Steele’s influence. Hear a bit of it for yourself (and check out the pair’s crazy Amadeus-meets-Adam Ant image) here.