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Emo: the epidemic that's sweeping the nation

Via: Paper Thin Walls
This is just embarrassing. Here's part of a special news report on emo culture and why it's something parents should be concerned about. Thanks to this crusading piece of investigative journalism (i.e. hitting up Google and asking a couple of awkard looking teens) we now know the meaning behind those ridiculous hairstyles ("to only see the world in half view") and we've been made aware of the dreaded "emo scale." Parents everywhere should watch this video and learn...
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I just love how they took the SATIRICAL "emo song" and used it completely out of context.Can you say 'propaganda'?Probably the same ******* who make the anti-pot ads.

Steve Lampiris

these people should shut the ****up they have no ****** idea what the hell their talking about!


Thats effin halarious!! They dont even know what the he!! their talking about!!!! That song was a effin joke just to make fun of us emos! They are blowing this whole thing right out of the water!!! EFFING REDICULOUS! Just shut the F*** up and mind your own god d@mn buisiness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


First of all, this whole new piece makes me feel very old. I listened to a ton of Braid, Promise Ring and Cap'n Jazz in high school and it never made me want to cut myself. It made me write other bad emo songs/poems. (Thank god people didn't have blogs back then...) Cutting is a whole separate (and serious) issue.


ok, now this has got to be the stupidest thing i have ever seen, what's his face doesn't know what the hell he's talking about, 'the emo song' was a jokeare you saying that if i wear 'emo clothes' i'm a menace to society?



Brad W.

@Steve"I just love how they took the SATIRICAL ''"emo song''" and used it completely out of context.Can you say '''propaganda'''?Probably the same ******* who make the anti-pot ads."Oh yeah! Like that one where the girl listened to indie rock because she thought it was what the cool kids did?


Poor Roger Evans-- not only has he been knocked down the ladder and out of his own James bond fantasy, but according to a blog that has appeared on many sites:Every year there is one new sleazy collector who discovers that women in the art world are easy prey, and decides to hit the art fair/opening circuit in lieu of, or in addition to the international club scene.This year Roger Evans, viagra swilling, balding, 60 something venture capitalist, is hitting the trail to hit on a woman near you. From New York to Miami (he was a paticularly active lech at miami-basel last weekend), London and California, he's on the prowl dangling his money in search of fresh meat to exploit. His long time play to establish himself in the New York party scene failed miserably despite investing in clubs owned by Amy Sacco and the efforts of longtime on/off girlfriend and connected party girl Sarita Tabarez.--- and he's been left with a sleazy reputation among those in the society/celebrity set-- Now Mr. Evans has recruited the help of art consultant Dominique Levy to hook him up with art events, and is on a tireless quest to take advantage of all the flesh the artworld can provide.Don't let the Elmer Fudd exterior and Northern English accent fool you. This man knows how to womanise like Austin Powers in true revenge of the nerds dot com style. Wake up girlfriend... he's not going to help your career in art.So a word to the wise... If you have a rivalry of some sort, go ahead and sic this guy on your worst enemy, but otherwise, steer clear and advise your women friends to focus on their work instead of wasting their time.


That ***** stupid, I love the fashion of it the people the tatoos and most of all the music the comes from these kinda people. Its punk at it greatest. It should be Punk now called EMO spreading aross the United States like a wild fire. Great fashion, Great music, Beutiful Tattoos, And most of all Great intellegent people....

27 year old emo

They really havnt got a clue have they?! i mean emo isnt trying to be cool its exactly the same as been upset except emo has developed a fashion sense!!Cutting yourself is when youve got serious problems..of course its a effin phsycological problem theres obviously something that makes themselevs want to feel pain or want to die!!i have to say its the most crap ive ever heard in my life!


I think these sad kids oughta go somewhere like a shanty town in the 3rd world and see poor kids who really have something to be sad about. In the 3rd world the kids don't get a stupid haircut and go round looking sad - they get on with life. And as for cutting yourself- that just looks dumb to anyone with an IQ in treble figures!


I know there is no censureship on the internet but what the F***K is this! This is the kind of s**t that's F***king up our society! I can't really say I can understand emo and i don't think many of us can but propaganda clips against what we don't understand can hawe horrible consequences.I thought the USA an twentyfirst century society should take pride in its diversity and display tolerance.Yes I think emo people are ludacris but they have a right of expresion as do all of us! So all of you dictators in the making should think about that!


this is so tarded. im like kinda emo. these ppl hve no idea what there talking about. its there falt ppl like us cut ourselfs. and ive never even haerd off the emo scale. i have token the quizes tho. and i dont have the cuting bored or anything like that. and the emo song was ment to make fun of us. [ i think anyway.]


The whole "Emo" fad will pass like the "Wanna be Rapper" fad of 2 years ago. You remember all those white 14-16 yo kids that use to put on the bling and baggy pants? well now its the in thing to be emo... you crazy kids and your fads. GROW THE HELL UP!


I want to set the record straight.i am a 14 year old independent minded girl often stereotyped by consumer driven pin heads as "emo". if it is 2 much 4 u to understand or comprehend that all emo's are not that of which is characterized in the "emotionally hardcore''" stereotype please refrain from delving into my informational extroversion is no such person pathetic and free will-challenged enough to carry around a chart to gauge how much of a crowd follower they are.2)emo doesn'''t come from teen angst it primarily derives from the feelings that we, the people know that our elders wont understand or even respect us enough to truly listen to our problems.3)and the thing about the seeing the world in one half view, did you busy body Christians ever consider that you judge mental beings are the half of the view that we are avoiding??? 4)Goth and emo shouldn'''t even be in any way associated . Goth by definition is:goth as a subculture is contemporary and found in many countries. it first appeared in the early 80'''s in the ''"metal''" scene in the U.K. its attire often depicts that of the 19th century gothic literature. And last in my short depiction of the average gothic definition, is that the act of being gothic is often associated with the shade black due to its mystique and dark quality. Emo: emo is a loose and un -defined definition for a person who is not vocal or adamant about their emotions . These people are often characterized by the emotions such as depressed, introverted and often shy. and also often criticized for their emotional lyrics or poetry. DO U C WHAT I MEAN??? THERE IS NO CORRELATION BETWEEN THE 2 !!!5)YOU CANT ACT A FASHION!!! Fashion is a noun., so is table . Try and replace it !!!you cant act a table!!! Get your grammar and sanity straight before you incarcerate my lifestyle!!!6)if someone wants to slit open their wrists, and you say there is no psychological problem, I think you may possibly be the person in need of severe psycho -therapy!!! also they just don'''t do it for attention that'''s like saying ''" hey Billy, I'''m going to go cut myself because my mom didn'''t pay attention to me last night .''" that doesn'''t happen!!! If they take part in self mutilation, they have a reason not just because they want to !!!7)just because two teenage girls were to weak to continue their life, and they decided to check out of this life, doesn'''t mean that the rest of our generation is stupid enough to decide that life isn'''t worth living. DON'''T U TRUST US AT ALL??????8)WEARING PANTS THAT ARE NOT FALLING DOWN YOUR BUTTOX ARE NOT AIDING THE TERRORISTS !!!!!FIND SOMEONE ELSE TO BLAME ''¦''¦MAYBE THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION''¦.NO ONE HAS COMPLAINED ABOUT THEM IN A WHILE !!!!!!!


aha hahahawhat a load of freakin bollocks.i get called a freakin emo all the time.... dont see me cuttin myself do you.sheesh get over it. for most people its just a freakin fashion. if you're gonna see a typical "stereotype" as a concern it shouldnt be emos it should be fuckin chavs.they're the ones that go round vandalising shit and terrorising people, intimidating people so they dont even want to walk PASt a bloody chav anymore. and you think emo fashion is stupid... hem hem CHAVS.they look like they're wearing bloody pajamas.incase all you old people are forgetting, the majority of "emo" fashion has been in fashion before... likely when you were kids. and as for "yawn!'s" comment... you cant tell me that when you were a kid you never had a fad.... unless you are a kid... in which case you have no right to be telling people to grow yeah... point being the majority of emos are no need for concern.they just like the fashion and haircuts.they're allowed there own opinion and to like there own style of clothes, and they should be able to do so without being accused of cutting themselves or being need for major psycological concern.but yeah.


i am what they call "emo"i do cut my wrist i write poetyi wear all blackbut thats because i have seen and experienced several things which most people should never see.cutting gives a sense of freedom... its like taking a drug. DONT PICK ON "EMOS"most of them have serious mental and emotional problems like me


hmm...really I am aslo"emo" and never though about cuting my self, or something like this. i think emo- it's just inside me..and I will not show it with this skars...heh


I’m a school nurse & you wouldn’t believe how many of the “emo” kids cut. They call themselves “emo,” by the way. We’ve sent at least a dozen kids to the local psychiatric hospital for self-injury and suicidal ideation just during this school year. I was pretty confused about the whole “emo” thing until one of the kids showed me the website Once I saw that site, I understand the issue much better; please take the time to view this and protect yourself and your loved ones.


I'm tired of having all of these emo kids walking down the hall at school! They show off their cuts and scars, whine about how no one understands them!! If another ambulance shows up at my school to take a emo kid off to the psych ward, I'm going to puke!

Not an emo kid

hey i think emo i just another fashion and kids who cut r only looking 4 atencion and are only damaging there futures i loooooovvve the fashion and if being emo i a crime....................................
come lock me up...... bite me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and by the way emo guys r damn HOT!

smurfie girl

I am emo, I do cut myself, I wear a lot of black, i write depressing poetry, and listen to depressing music. I know i have emotional problems, that's why i'm called emo (emotional). I hate the effing world. So many freakin people are suffering and people like us, in the U.S. are barely doing anything to help. It makes me sick. You see comercials all the time about those kids in africa who are dying of a disease from the water they drink. FROM THE F***ING WATER! what percent of the population do you think actually donates? If i could i would, but i can't because my family is barley able to keep the f***ing house. My dad isn't even around to help my mom take care of us. And my little brothers dad isn't here either, yes we have 2 dads. The most my dad does is pay us for child care which isn't much. I haven't seen him in more than 3 years and didn't know him until i was 7. 10 years i've been without him and I'm 13! i didn't even like him when he was around. These are the effing reasons i'm sad and angry at the world. The only people i have to turn to are my few best freinds, my family, and God. I cut to get away from the mental pain with physical. I don't hurt myself at all hardly. the cuts aren't that deep. I'm not hurting anyone so stop making such a big deal about it!


Theres nothing wrong about being emo. Different people have different ways of describing emo.


These people piss me off. \theyre the kind that make me wish murder was legal so i could damn well shut them and their "emo" bullshizzle (they wont let me put s***) up for good.

Person above me:

Some freak

so, I'm going to say that you're all lame for putting so much care into such a small subject. I wear skinny jeans, i wear band shirts, my ears are gauged, i go to shows, i dont cut my self, i skate, i make straight a's and b's. Emo should have never become a clique or concept outside of music. Twats. ( I dont care if you call yourself emo, have at it)


That was hilarious.

They have not got a clue.

Parents should know emo comes after depression.


My mom has no problem with me being emo/scene and just gives me counselling.



My mum & dad have no prob with me being Emo, apart from the wrist sliting bit...but apart from that, there ok with it,
The people in that video don't have a friggin clue about Emos, I sugest they do more research and get a better job.

Josh (from England, UK)

I want a Tickle Me Emo for Christmas!


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