Emma Watson To Play The Beauty To Guillermo Del Toro’s Beast

    Whether you like him or not, Guillermo del Toro has a very distinctive style. Films like Hellboy and Pan’s Labyrinth could never be mistaken for another director’s work. Fortunately, those pictures involved stories that were loosely adapted from their source material and took place in worlds that del Toro basically built from scratch. 

    So when the filmmaker expressed interest in tackling Beauty and the Beast, one of the most iconic tales in Western literature, fans could be forgiven if they were a little nervous. However, one of Hollywood’s rising talents is reportedly on board, which will give some credibility to the project. 

    Emma Watson, of Harry Potter fame, is all grown up and looking for adult roles that will help put her child star image behind her. Film School Rejects reports that she recently spoke to MTV about a meeting with del Toro. “Guillermo is so psyched about it, and he’s, like, been thinking about it so much,” she told the news source, adding, “He brought the book.”

    The book she’s referring to is the director’s scketch book, which he’s known to use for inspiration prior to making any movie. Given that his films contain some unusual and unique creatures and characters it’s no wonder he needs to plan them all out so thoroughly.