Eminem’s Court Documents: Labels Face Having to Pay Millions in Back Royalties?

    Here’s a quick catchup for you: Back in 2010, Eminem sued his record label, Universal, alleging that he was due millions of dollars from the sale of his music on digital retailers. His label was treating those sales, royalty-wise like physical releases–which meant the label was taking 80 percent of the profits–while Em said they should be treated like licenses, which means he’s entitled to 50 percent. A court agreed in 2010. 

    But the case has reached a new chapter, as a jury will now consider how much money Universal is on the hook to pay Eminem, and Billboard has gotten its hands on Eminem’s court documents, and according to the files, Universal is due to pay Eminem at least $3 million. But the payment could get bigger from there, as that doesn’t include sales from 2002-2005, or 2009-2010, when Eminem’s Recovery and Relapse, were on sale. 

    So what does this mean for Universal? Well, they’re in trouble, because if the court rules for a full payment to Eminem, we could see a wave of artists suing their labels for similar payouts. I’d be shaking if I was at a major right now. See a breakdown over at Billboard.