Eminem Tops MTV’s Hottest MC List, Somehow Rallies To Beat Waka Flocka Flame



    Last week’s debates over the merits of MTV’s Hottest MC list came to a merciful end last night when MTV aired the top five of its list. Unsurprisingly, Eminem topped the list, being that he’s sold more albums than any musician this year, and for the fact that he is sort of the life blood of MTV’s meager music video offerings at this juncture. As for the top five, that was a surprise, as Jay-Z came in at number two, despite not putting out an album in a year. Kanye came in at number three, despite being the most artistic MC. Drake came in at number four, because he had to. And Rick Ross gate-crashed number five. Overall, I can’t really hate on the top five–it is close to how I predicted it, and it’s not like the Odd Future dudes are going to slip in there, somehow. Here’s the full list:



    1. Eminem

    2. Jay-Z

    3. Kanye West

    4. Drake

    5. Rick Ross

    6. Nicki Minaj

    7. Lil Wayne

    8. Waka Flocka

    9. B.O.B.

    10. Ludacris