Eminem Interested in Lil Wayne Collaboration

    The biggest hip-hop star of 2000 is reemerging at the end of the decade; and he’s awoken the interest of Lil Wayne, the biggest hip-hop star of the past yea. Weezy has been reported to have been interested in working with Eminem, and even called out Eminem’s “people” of stonewalling him—albeit while clearly toasted.


    On Thursday, in an interview on Sirius Satellite Radio, Eminem confirmed that he would, in fact, be interested in collaborating with Lil Wayne, saying he’s been too busy recording Relapse to do any collaborations for the time being:

    There hasn’t really necessarily been a time for me to go to collaborate and sh– lately, because I been so locked down in the studio. But I’m open for whatever. There’s a lot of rappers in the game I respect, especially right now.

    Eminem also said he’d be interested in working with Kayne West and T.I. Considering that Lil Wayne even qualified his “callout” as “not a diss,” don’t look for a a Biggie/Pac, Blur/Oasis, or Beatles/Stones rivalry out of these two juggernauts (bitch!) of hip-hop.


    Then again, we all know what happened the last time we heard that Eminem didn’t get back to someone because he was busy.