Eminem Accused Of Lip-Synching At T In The Park Festival


    Take a close look at the Eminem clip above, which was shot at the huge Scottish festival T in the Park this past weekend. The hip-hop star has been accused of lip-synching at the event, disappointing fans who turned up to witness his first show in the U.K. for five years.


    Gigwise has collated some of the criticisms aimed at Em for his performance: “His miming was awful, at one point he tried to say something and his mic was off,” said one fan. “He mimed at a supposed live festival and he dint even know he was in Balado – he seemed to think he was in Edinburgh,” said another.


    Eminem’s lack of knowledge about Scotland may be unsurprising, but a few fans have leaped to his defense. “I was there, Eminem didnt mime,” reader Wez told Gigwise. “He just had his songs playin with him rappin over the top of them as he does most of the time he performs.” Judge for yourself by viewing the myriad YouTube clips from the festival here.


    [via Gigwise]