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Eminem Accused Of Lip-Synching At T In The Park Festival


Take a close look at the Eminem clip above, which was shot at the huge Scottish festival T in the Park this past weekend. The hip-hop star has been accused of lip-synching at the event, disappointing fans who turned up to witness his first show in the U.K. for five years.


Gigwise has collated some of the criticisms aimed at Em for his performance: “His miming was awful, at one point he tried to say something and his mic was off,” said one fan. “He mimed at a supposed live festival and he dint even know he was in Balado - he seemed to think he was in Edinburgh,” said another.


Eminem’s lack of knowledge about Scotland may be unsurprising, but a few fans have leaped to his defense. “I was there, Eminem didnt mime,” reader Wez told Gigwise. “He just had his songs playin with him rappin over the top of them as he does most of the time he performs.” Judge for yourself by viewing the myriad YouTube clips from the festival here.


[via Gigwise]

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Wait, are those cargo shorts?

/site_media/uploads/images/users/brandon/216_browser_clut.gif brandon

lol @ ^ i was thinkin the same thing! however, if u got nice calves flaunt them! ha ha im more interested in his legs than this song... sorry. i think em left his nuts in rehab.


Eminem doesnt lip sync. Its the back track playing. Utube all of his other performances he has back tracks on all of those also. All the ppl who says he does should b ashamed of themselves im 16 and smarter to know that EMIMEN DOESNT LIP SYNC! dumb-asses


he raps over his songs and the chorus. it's obvious. He is great live unlike most rappers.


He's been accused of this before and like the one fan says, it's something most -if not all- rap artists do. They use a backing because after 29 songs that he performed, and jumping around on stage, he can't continued throwing his voice into the mic for over an hour. He is definitely live, you can hear the difference of the word timing over the backing track as opposed to the original song.


Em isn't Lip-Synching at all...those Scottish fans are idiots if they think that. You can hear his voice stop every time he lets Mr. Porter rap his back up. Eminem is one of the few rappers that sounds exactly like he does on a record live...they must be expecting him to sound like sh*t, so they asume he is Lip-Synching.


Eminem was lip syncing his little head off bless him,and rather badly at that.
I for one would have been well miffed if I had paid for a supposed live event,but feel sure he wasn't the only one guilty of that over the whole weekend.
I admire Eminem for his whole catalogue of work,but any fans that dare say he was singing live,are well out of order.


He always does this and basically everyone that performs does this they are stupid its the back track. AND they should just be happy he went over there I wish Em came to my city.


I really can't believe you guys can't leave Eminem alone nonmatter what he does. I was there and there is a delay between the mic and the screen and it was the same for every band that played. Why can't people leave him alone for once. Seriously I was close enough to see he wasn't miming. If he was miming then he wouldn't be the mighty MC he is now.


no way he was lip synching, he just sounds that good live . i saw him live during the eminem show tour in dc and he sounds like a record on the mic but he was not lip singing,,, also the whole SHOE 40 FT WALK THING WAS A RUMOR.. lol


Like pretty much EVERY "Hip Hop artist", he is rapping over the recording of the song. I think the question here is why this many people would pay to see him play his tracks over the sound system and call it a concert!

biggien lives

Um, Jay-Z doesn't do this neither do guys like Mos Def, Black Thought (of the Roots), Talib Kweli, Brother Ali, Slug (of Atmosphere), etc....

Rappers who need backing tracks = fail.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Andrew_Martin/me.jpg Andrew_Martin

eminem is NOT lip synching, you can hear him stop 3:20 to let his backup takeover


At first viewing I thought he was lip syncing too. Nope, he isn't. Yes, at 3:20 you can definitely hear him go silent to let Bizarre take over. Also, I've heard this song enough times, unfortunately, to know that the way he pronounces some of the words in his lyrics in this version is ever so slightly different from the way he pronounces it on the studio-recorded track.
Let's face it, Scotland is no Hollywood or Vegas or even NYC. Live shows aren't done from there ALL the time. It is entirely possible that their live monitor was delayed, giving it the effect of his actions not being in sync with the sound playing.


He was lip synching. More precisely, singing to a "reference track" as some call it. Its pretty obvious he was doing this if you look closely....I understand why he needs to as a video and audio production geek... though the fan side of me is a little disillusioned. I am a huge Em fan, but facts is the facts. I have worked in video production for 20 years and have extensive video editing and audio visual/live event support experience. After a while you just develop an eye/ear for this sort of thing. I have no doubt...He is singing along with his own voice. No doubt. But that doesn't take away from the fact that he is an extremely talented artist. I have almost worn out his Recovery CD already. LOL Em, you rock man.

em fan

Im sorry guys but not a chance Marshall was miming. Watch when he drops the mic, you can hear his backing man rapping the lyrics instead. I was there and he was amazing, wish the haters would just learn to respect the man.

TITP 2010

he was rapping while the song was playing because rihanna was not there

the truth

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