Emily Blunt May Be ‘The Avengers 2’ Ms. Marvel

    After the success of The Avengers, it was a foregone conclusion that there would be a sequel. While the chemistry between Iron Man, Captain American, The Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye and Thor was strong, there are other characters Marvel certainly wants to fit into subsequent pictures. While other studieos might still hold the rights to the Fantastic Four, Wolverine and Spider-Man, plenty of other heroes have suited up as members of The Avengers throughout the comic’s history. 

    One of them who may show up in the upcoming Avengers 2 is Ms. Marvel. Also known as Carol Danvers, she possesses superhuman strength and the ability to fly thanks to having her DNA mixed with that of an alien. Of course, screenwriters could certainly amend this backstory, but one thing’s for sure — the next Avengers installment will feature some serious butt-kicking. 

    But who will step into the role? According to NME, it looks to be Emily Blunt’s to lose. The Looper actress is reportedly only in competition with Luther actress Ruth Wilson, but given that Blunt’s profile and acting chops have been rated very highly lately, it appears that Ms. Blunt may soon be known as Ms. Marvel if she wants to.