EMI sues dude from Fight Club… and 30 Seconds to Mars

    EMI announced on Friday that it is suing Jared Leto’s band 30 Seconds to Mars for $30 million for breach of contract (presumably, if the band had been named 27 seconds to Mars they’d be sued for $27 million). EMI alleges that 30 Seconds to Mars repudiated their contract by not recording a follow-up to their improbably popular sophomore album A Beautiful Lie.

    The band had been under contract with EMI for three albums, one more than the two they put out, but since in California you can only be under contract for seven years, the band voided the contract they’d been under since 1999. In an open letter to his (17) fans, Leto elaborated that the reason they bailed on EMI was because they were still $1.4 million in debt after selling two million copies of their album (Whoa. I better amend that 17 fans joke from earlier in this sentence… unless they all bought 120,000 copies each).

    I find it surprising that Leto shows surprise at being dicked around at a major label, since that is their modus operandi, as any person with a vague interest in music can tell you. But $30 million seems excessive; their last album probably barely grossed that. [Idolator]