EMI may be selling music division

    I remember when the Big Four record labels were six – they may be the Big Three soon enough.
    Variety reports that EMI is looking at a 15% decline in revenues, making the already shaky company open to hostile takeover bids. Selling or spinning off their recorded music division would bolster their profit margins and keep them solvent for the time being, especially with Warner circling like a shark.
    EMI has experimented a bit with releasing DRM-free tracks, though it seems now that this is less the product of a trendsetter and more of a desperation move from the beleaguered music label, home to acts like Radiohead, Norah Jones, and Coldplay. MacDailyNews has an interesting snippet on how EMI made some unsuccessful overtures to online music stores like RealNetworks Rhapsody on providing unprotected MP3’s, with the coda being: don’t piss of Steve Jobs.