Elvis Costello Goes Country (Again) on Secret, Profane & Sugarcane

    The increasingly ubiquitous Elvis Costello has become the Woody Allen of rock ‘n’ roll, indefatigably churning out a new labor of love every time you turn around, whether you’re ready or not. So, hot on the heels of last year’s


    , here comes

    Secret, Profane & Sugarcane

    . Of course, Elvis wouldn’t be Elvis if he didn’t engage in a little genre-jumping from album to album, so this one, set for release through, ahem, the Starbucks/Hear Music label on June 2, finds him in an acoustic-oriented country/bluegrass mode. It was overseen by Costello’s old buddy T-Bone Burnett (who produced two of E.C.’s finest albums,



    King of America

    ) in a three-day Nashville session, and will feature Emmylou Harris’s golden tones and hot pickin’ and fiddlin’ from bluegrass giants Jerry Douglas and Stuart Duncan, among others. It includes a cut co-written with Loretta Lynn and two that Elvis wrote some years back for Johnny Cash. This is far from the first time Costello has worked in this format, and for his first full-length country-oriented effort you have to go all the way back to 1981’s

    Almost Blue

    , so he’s presumably got this whole thing well in hand by this point. Note: Bonus cool points are added for cover art by

    Drinky Crow

    creator Tony Millionaire, though not enough to offset Costello’s choice of label.


    Track listing:

    Down Among The Wine And Spirits

    Complicated Shadows

    I Felt The Chill

    My All Time Doll

    Hidden Shame

    She Handed Me A Mirror

    I Dreamed Of My Old Lover

    How Deep Is The Red

    She Was No Good

    Sulfur To Sugarcane

    Red Cotton

    The Crooked Line

    Changing Partners