Elvis Costello and the Roots’ Album Is Real And Coming Out Soon (Op-Ed)

    Following in a long tradition of Elvis Costello-feeling-like-he-has-to-record-an-album-in-every-style-of-music albums (is it on the bucket list?), some sort of funk/hip-hop-infused collaborative record between the revered singer/songwriter and neo-soul staples The Roots will be available on September 17th. It’s called Wise Up Ghost, which is not a good name. A photo of tracks/a tracklist was also posted (an ?Phone photo from ?uestlove’s ?Tunes?).

    Wise Up Ghost Tracklist

    Elvis Costello, along with Woody Allen, is one of the heroes of my youth that has continued to be prolific in his old age– so much so that I (and I hope many others) feel completely suffocated by the amount of mediocre cultural bric-a-brac he continues to foist upon his dutifully devoted public. I used to pray for Elvis and Woody year after year, and go get those CDs and pay for those movie tickets, but I wisely gave up at some point. I used to say to myself things like: “Please slow down! Think about what you’re doing! Remember how pretentious that Annie Sofie von Otter collaboration was? I don’t care if you’ve got a ballet, or a jazz standards record, or a record that sounds like Merzbow. Take some time to just make an Elvis Costello record. Get a quality-control manager to sign off on things and lose the hat!”

    Elvis Costello on Fallon

    But Elvis has still got that hat on– let’s just hope the Roots haven’t bought ones of their own. I don’t know, but I’m simply not convinced that the fun time these guys had jamming on “(I Don’t Want To Go To) Chelsea” and stuff on Fallon really presaged an amazing collaborative blue-eyed funk record. Maybe it should have been one of those “No, seriously–I’ll call you!”-type ideas where no one actually calls anyone. But I’ll definitely listen to Wise Up Ghost –I won’t be able to help myself– for better or for the worst, but probably Elvis will just end up tricking me again. Here’s hoping I’m wrong!