Elton John Plays Rush Limbaugh’s Wedding For A Milli

    Notable asshole Rush Limbaugh got married for the fourth time this weekend, beating the over-under line on women who would marry Rush Limbaugh*. But the news that a fourth woman would voluntarily sign a paper that says she’d like to live with Rush Limbaugh forever (ha!) isn’t what’s important here: Apparently, Elton John played Limbaugh’s wedding, and that is big news because Elton John is an outspoken gay man, and Limbaugh is outspoken against gays, man. 


    This has led a smattering of gay blogs to speak out against John. Some are hoping John is going to donate the money he got (reportedly in the seven figures) to a LGBT cause, while others are saying John has proven he’ll do anything for the money. What do you guys think? I just hope John brought his husband with to rub it in. I also think at the very least, John should at least come out and say he hates Rush Limbaugh and he enjoyed his money. [Daily Swarm]


    * My bookie had the number set at three.