Elton Confirms Lady Gaga As His Son’s Godmother

    Elton John and his husband David Furnish stopped by “Good Morning America” today for an interview with tearjerker extraordinaire Barbara Walters. Talk turned to the couple’s infant son Zachary, who was born to a surrogate mother in December, and whispers about Lady Gaga being the child’s godmother. Elton confirmed the rumors, saying that “There’s a real simple person under there who loves her parents.” “There” presumably refers to Gaga’s dense exoskeleton of PVC, feathers, toothpicks, bubble wrap, chicken wire, and silk.


    This much is certain: that kid’s got it made. Not only will he have access to Earth’s biggest costume closet and piano collection, but if anything should ever happen to his parents, he will be placed in the care of an influential singing alien who transforms into a motorcycle. [MTV]