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Elliott Smith's Car for Sale

Elliott Smith's car is up for sale, and despite its connection with one of the most revered singer-songwriters of late, the price is surprisingly low: $4,000. Pitchfork reports that Smith's sister is selling the car on Craigslist, and in the ad, she keeps the original owner's identity a mystery:


"It was my brother's, who was a musician himself. He's no longer with us, and I think he'd be happy to know that the sale of his car will help other musicians in need ... This car means the world to me, and has a very interesting story to tell. Music buffs might get a kick out of knowing who used to own their "new" car." 


The 1999 Volkswagon Passat -- in case you're interested -- is located in Austin, Texas. Smith's sister has said she will donate all the money from the sale of the car to the SIMS Foundation, an organization dedicated to aiding Austin-based musicians in need of mental health and substance abuse services. Elliott Smith died in 2003.[Pitchfork]

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Elliott Smith

I always imagined Elliott Smith in a much worse car, one that broke down repeatedly and had a door that was a different color than the rest of the car.

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Elliott drove a Passat? Weird.

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