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For the love of God: Zach Braff as Elliott Smith?

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Can't anyone rest in peace anymore? Rumor has it there may be an Elliott Smith biopic in the works, and guess who's currently pegged to snag the leading role? Let me clarify a few things here: I like Scrubs just fine, and I'm not one those people who mindlessly attacked Garden State. As far as I'm concerned, someone was bound to be annointed the "voice" of this hopeless generation, so it might as well have been Zach Braff. However, that doesn't mean he has to do it on the back of a man who tried to keep a private life. There's a reason none of Smith's closest friends and family had anything to do with his 2004 biography, and it's the same reason why this idea should never come to fruition.
Let's all just hope this is a horrible, horrible dream and that we all wake up soon.
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Elliott Smith
Zach Braff

what in the crap.

Dave Park

Ahhh as a huge Elliot Smith fan, this is a bad bad idea. Elliot Smith wasn't the type of guy that wanted the spotlight. I suppose this is just cashing in on trend of doing biopics for the tragic music misfit. I will not see this film.

John Miner

Zach Braff shouldn't make any more films, especially an Elliot Smith biopic.

John Zeiss

yeah, this is just wrong.

Dave Park

no.........elliott means so much 2 us all...........hes unique..............and a movie.........will not forward any real purpose..........and yes, it is so NOT koolrob atx

rob renteria

This is a really shitty idea. I think I now officially hate Zach Braff.


[...] Hmmm&#8230;while not as worrisome as the prospect of Zach Braff playing Elliot Smith, this project doesn&#8217;t exactly sound very promising. When I think of a band that recalls The Clash, I really don&#8217;t think Radio 4. In fact, I don&#8217;t think much of anything good about that band. &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; [...]

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Don't be such prudes.Kurt Cobain hated the spotlight too. And his life story is no happy Disney film. But he was an amazing musician and deserves acknowledgment. The same goes for Elliot Smith. Sure, maybe an Elliot Smith movie is premature, and maybe Zach Braff is not the perfect candidate for the part, but you're saying that no one should make a biopic about Elliot Smith just because he was a "private" guy? That's ridiculous.Do you want to see an amazing artist like Elliot Smith just disappear into the abyss of rockers that never quite made it to the top? Or would you rather see a revealing biography made that has the potential to further imbed his music into the history of great rock n' roll?


My issue was with Zach Braff being cast as Mr. Smith.Why does there need to be a movie to cement his place in history?I'd be happier without a Cobain movie too.

Dave Park

Smith and Cobain's places in history will be cemented with or without a movie. But in Smith's case, a major motion picture could expose his music to a wider audience. This would make it more likely for society to remember a musician who only had moderate commercial success.You may be right about Zach Braff. But if he does make the movie and delivers a bad performance, then scar will be on Braff's career, not Smith's.


obviously Ty is no elliott smith fan and doesnt realize what this means to fans of him. he cant even spell his name right. anywho-doesnt matter. the whole movie is a totally rumor and isnt going to happen.


I'm a huge Elliott Smith, have been for about 10 years, and I have to agree with Ty. By doing so I'm sure that Porter will tell me that it means I am not/never were an Elliott Smith fan. And so it goes.


jeff, you hate him because of a rumour? hm...


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