For the love of God: Zach Braff as Elliott Smith?

    Via: I Watch Stuff
    Can’t anyone rest in peace anymore? Rumor has it there may be an Elliott Smith biopic in the works, and guess who’s currently pegged to snag the leading role? Let me clarify a few things here: I like Scrubs just fine, and I’m not one those people who mindlessly attacked Garden State. As far as I’m concerned, someone was bound to be annointed the “voice” of this hopeless generation, so it might as well have been Zach Braff. However, that doesn’t mean he has to do it on the back of a man who tried to keep a private life. There’s a reason none of Smith’s closest friends and family had anything to do with his 2004 biography, and it’s the same reason why this idea should never come to fruition.
    Let’s all just hope this is a horrible, horrible dream and that we all wake up soon.