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Elliott Smith Compilation Album, "An Introduction," Announced

Kill Rock Stars, the label where singer/songwriter Elliott Smith made his name, will be releasing a sort of greatest hits album of the late performer entitled, appropriately, An Introduction.... Containing cuts from every one of the man's solo albums (even New Moon), An Introduction... will serve older siblings the world over as they introduce their younger brothers and sisters to "the guy with songs in Good Will Hunting and the suicide scene in The Royal Tenenbaums." The retrospective sampler will be available Nov. 2. Check the track list below. 


1 Ballad of Big Nothing

2. Waltz #2

3. Pictures of Me

4. The Biggest Lie 

5. Alameda

6. Between The Bars

7. Needle in the Hay

8. Last Call

9. Angeles

10. Twilight

11.Pretty (Ugly Before)

12. Angel In the Snow

13. Miss Misery (early version)

14. Happiness (single version)


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Elliott Smith

aside from missing 2:45 this is a pretty solid selection


It'd be impossible to get it just right, when it comes to Smith, but this isn't such a bad job. 2:45 is the only song I know how to play on guitar, and I've managed to wring, like, seven other fake songs out of it (decidedly un-Smithian lyrics to one of them: "Laughing and giggling, having a good time")

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