Ellie Goulding Hints At Possible Skrillex Collab

    British singer Ellie Goulding started dating dubstep superstar Skrillex earlier this year, so you’d think the pair would combine forces at some point, but it hasn’t been that easy. Goulding’s just-released album, Halcyon, actually featured a collaboration between Skrillex and Goulding (Skrillding? Gouldex?), but the song–also boasting production work from Swedish House Mafia–was scrapped for unspecified reasons.

    Still, Goulding intimated that the two could work on something more substantial in the future. Speaking to the AP, she stated:

    “I think in an ideal world we’d love to make a whole record together… but it just so happens that we’re both ridiculously busy. When it comes to music, it honestly is really professional. Honestly. If we start talking about music on the phone, it switches immediately to being professional, and not on purpose, but because we’re both so passionate about music and it’s a very serious thing to us.”

    She then went on to claim that his new stuff makes her “laugh because it’s so brilliant.” It’s wishful thinking on her part that the pair will find enough off-time to record together as the two musicians’ careers keep hitting new heights. Goulding’s Halcyon recently hit number two on the UK album charts in its opening week. [NME]