Elle Salutes 12 Greatest Female Electric Guitarists

    In honor of the release of rockumentary “It Might Get Loud” — which features the likes of Jack White, The Edge and Jimmy Page — Elle Magazine has issued a list of the 12 Greatest Female Electric Guitarists. The article namechecks Joan Jett, Lita Ford, Nancy Wilson, Jennifer Batten, Donita Sparks, Kelley Deal, Carrie Brownstein, Poison Ivy, Ruyter Suys, The Great Kat, Marnie Stern and Orianthi.


    When explaining why members of the fairer sex are often overlooked for their guitar work, Deal had her own theory. “I think we do exist,” she asserts, “but in a different capacity. Guys really like to hear themselves talk. Women guitarists seem more song-oriented. What they choose to play contributes to making the song better, not just riffing all over it. It’s a deeper relationship.” [ELLE.com]