Eli Roth’s Fake ‘Thanksgiving’ Trailer May Become A Real Movie

    Director Eli Roth may be expanding his fake “Thanksgiving” trailer from Grindhouse into a feature length film. While talking about his upcoming haunted house attraction with amusement blog Behind the Thrills, Roth claimed that the movie was “going to happen.” He announced the script will be co-written Jon Watts and Christopher D. Ford, who also wrote the script for the upcoming Roth-produced horror film Clown.

    Roth says that he and the writers “finally cracked the story and how to make it really scary” and claims “we’ll have a screenplay soon.” Of course, the time between finishing the script and actually going into production will be the real test, but Roth seemed enthusiastic on making the film happen.

    Even though Grindhouse bombed at the box office, the fake trailers included in the film have already been adapted into successful feature films. Robert Rodriguez’s Machete went from a planned DVD premiere to a full-fledged theatrical release grossing $44 million worldwide and a sequel is currently in production. A low-budget trailer for Hobo with a Shotgun that was attached to Canadian prints of Grindhouse was also adapted and has developed a strong cult following.