Electric Daisy Carnival Says Two Deaths In Las Vegas Will Not Endanger Future Plans

    The Electric Daisy Carnival has suffered a lot of heat this year for its irresponsible attendees. The 2012 roaming EDM festival kicked off in New York City this March, and the weekend ended in 25 arrests. But the result of the weekend-long rave in Las Vegas was far worse, resulting in two deaths.

    Despite the tragic ending, the festival organizers  have spoken, saying that the two deaths will not endanger future plans of holding the party in Sin City.

    Both of the deaths occurred after the rave ended in the early morning of Monday, June 11. A 31-year-old man was hit by as truck upon leaving the festival and an University of Arizona pre-med student, Emily McCaughan fell from her hotel’s 27th floor. Though neither event happened within festival walls, the man was allegedly drunk and McCaughan reportedly suffered paranoid delusions after consuming ecstasy.

    “We are deeply saddened by the two tragedies that occurred last week in Las Vegas outside Electric Daisy Carnival,” festival spokeswoman Erika Raney said in a statement. “The two tragedies occurred beyond the festival’s walls as well as beyond Insomniac’s control and these incidents will not threaten the future of EDC in Las Vegas.”

    This is not the first tragedy that has happened during the festival. In 2010,  a 15-year-old girl died of a drug overdose in Los Angeles, and a teenager died at EDC’s stop in Dallas last year. [RS]