Elbow Is a Cassette Player That Fits in the Palm of Your Hand and It’s Coming to a Future Near You

    A Lithuanian design duo known as BrainMonk is behind this very decidedly un-Walkman.

    Elbow Cassette Tape Player

    We may soon be seeing another marvel of retro-future technology show up in our VR-and-hoverboard-having world, in the form of a cassette player that can fit in the palm of your hand.

    A Lithuanian audiovisual art duo known as BrainMonk has unveiled design concepts for a cassette player that is smaller than the very cassettes it would play. Now, that cassette player is entering the prototype phase of production.

    Known as Elbow, the piece sort of resembles the Sound Burger of the 1980s— but instead of appealing to vinyl-enthusiasts, this one is strictly for cassette-ophiles. Elbow is essentially and minimally designed with a bi-axial arm that allows the player to play both sides of the cassette with no need to eject.

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    The also device pins to clothing, much like an iPod Shuffle, except with much more analog sensibility. According to its website, “ELBOW was conceived with burning passion by, and for, cassette tape lovers!”

    Elbow has piqued a lot of international interest, even garnered a few awards, and now designers Andrius Žemaitis and Marius Paulikas are sorting out the physical and financial logistics of actually producing the thing.

    On March 26, BrainMonk posted this on Elbow’s Facebook page: “ELBOW project has reached a very minor, but important milestone. We launched our website and this Facebook page with a purpose of gathering some data on our market research survey.

    Today, the survey is officially closed.”

    The post continues on to say, “Now it’s time to draw our spreadsheets and calculate the statistics on product pricing, target audience and features, and decide on further course of the project. Cheers to everyone!”

    What with the rise of “Cassette Store Day” alongside its vinyl counterpart in the vintage-format advocacy movement, Elbow should be quite the show-and-tell accessory once it hits market.

    The future is here. Sort of. [h/t Verge]