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El-P says new Cannibal Ox record unlikely

(Via: Done Waiting)
Okay, so this isn't exactly a surprise, but it certainly is tough to hear from someone who isn't just some jackass on an Internet message board who says he knows someone who knows someone who plays Madden with Vast Aire's publicist.
You can read the full interview with El-P here, but let us just rip the band-aid off for you:
Interviewer: Is there a new Can Ox album coming out any time soon?
El-P: I really doubt it.
Interviewer: Really?
El-P: The fact of the matter is that everyone has been crossing their fingers, including Def Jux, hoping that Cannibal Ox would get their shit together as a group, even to the point where I resigned them. I really hoped and prayed that they would get their shit together, thought they were at a certain juncture in time. At this point I can'''t pretend anymore or cover for those guys. They haven'''t been together for a long time, but they tried to get it back together again, but it'''s proving to be an impossible task.
Interviewer: That breaks my heart.
El-P: You'''re not the only one buddy.
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Cannibal Ox


bobby d.

Boo! I guess. If El-P produced a Vast Aire solo album, I'd probably be happy with that really.

Eric Solomon

somebody get me a tissue... that fucken sucks.


Can somebody please explain to me why this is a big deal? They put an album out 5+ years ago and whilst it was good, it didn't "change the game". I was always a bigger fan of Mr. Lif, but that's just me. I'm not being a smartass with that question, I'm generally interested as to why people care?


this sucks, we expecting more out of this one someone wake them up this aint a game...

Chris L

andrew, it may not have "changed the game", but the cold vein was, in my opinion, one of the best hiphop albums around, and still is. not many other MC's are working lyrically as vast and vordul were on that CD, and unfortunately Vast's solo stuff doesn't really compare...

Alec J

Listen to Iron Galaxy again and explain why the people behind it are irrelevant. Cold Vein is better now than it was five years ago. It didn't only age well, time caught up with it.



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