El-P Dropping Fully Instrumental ‘Weareallgoingtoburninhellmegamixxx3’ Aug. 3

    Before his announcement of this series’ third installment, El-P’s Megamixxx” projects served as compilations of unreleased tracks that were left on the cutting room floor for whatever reason. But for this entry, dubbed Weareallgoingtoburninhellmegamixxx3, the Brooklyn producer-rapper is aiming to present it as a proper album:

    With the past Megamixxes, I never sat down and really tried to make a record. It was more like, ‘Here’s a bunch of cool stuff you haven’t heard.’ I look at this new one as a proper album. Me calling it a Megamixxx is just an excuse to get to Volume Three of anything.”

    He’s dropping the “rapper” part of his skill set for this one as its a completely instrumental affair. Apparently, he was slightly influenced by J Dilla’s classic Donuts project and wanted to keep this one “short and to the point.” No complaints here. This third Megamixxx also serves as a means of holding listeners over as El-P works on his third proper studio album, which is his first since 2007’s stellar I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead.


    The track list for Weareallgonnaburninhellmegamixxx3, which is due out Aug. 3, is as follows:

    01. Take You Out At The Ball Game
    02. Whores:The Movie
    03. Meanstreak (In 3 Parts)
    04. DMSC
    05. Drunk With A Loaded Pistol
    06. Time Won’t Tell
    07. Secret Police Man’s Ball
    08. I Got This (El-P Remix) Redux
    09. Jump Fence, Run, Live
    10. He Hit Her So She Left
    11. Driving Down The Block (El-P Remix) Redux
    12. Honda Redux
    13. How To Serve Man  (Stripped)
    14. Contagious Snippet (Wilder Zoby Feat. El-P)
    15. Eat My Garbage 2