EL-P’s Dizzee Rascal Mix

    Even casual grime fans probably heard Dizzee Racal’s Maths + English, released last year on XL Recordings. Now, fresh off a U.S. distro of Mike Ladd’s Nostalgialator,  Def Jux is releasing Maths + English in the States. 


    El-P has put together a megamix of some of the original Maths + English songs, as well as the four new tracks on the U.S. version: "Driving With No Where to Go," "G.H.E.T.T.O.," a "Pussyole" remix by Pretty Todd, and an EL-P mix of "Where da G’s."  


    The album is scheduled to hit stores April 29. This might very well be many a backpack-laden teen’s introduction to grime, continuing Dizzee’s streak of introducing U.K. hip-hop to the stateside massif.


    Download available at Pitchfork