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Eels Reveal <i>Hombre Lobo</i> Details

Eels' follow up to 2005's Blinking Lights and Other Revelations will be called Hombre Lobo, and it will come out on June 2 via Vagrant Records. Album art to your left, and track list below. I don't know if Mark Everett's beard is actually as big as that on the cover, but if it is, I'm definitely going to see him live.






Track list:


That Look You Give That Guy
Lilac Breeze
In My Dreams
Tremendous Dynamite
The Longing
Fresh Blood
What's a Fella Gotta Do
My Timing Is Off
All The Beautiful Things
Beginner's Luck
Ordinary Man


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i saw him recently wandering in LA and his beard really is that long, looks like you'll be going to see eels live then.

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