Eels Announce New Album, Debut “Peach Blossom”

    Eels frontman Mark Oliver Everett is notably prolific, having completed a trilogy of albums in 2009 and 2010. After taking a few years off, Eels are back with a new LP. Wonderful, Glorious drops Feb. 5 via Vagrant, and it marks the outfit’s tenth album since forming in 1995.

    Everett recorded the record himself in his new studio and received help from his ridiculously-named bandmates The Chet, P-Boo, Koool G Murder, and Knuckles. Below, take a listen to the record’s first taste in the form of the stomping “Peach Blossom.” Over fuzzed-out riffs, Everett sings about flowers (naturally). If you pre-order the album from Eels, they’ll give you an immediate download of the track. Head to their site to see the various pre-order options, and also take a look at the track list below.

    Wonderful, Glorious track list:

    01. Bombs Away
    02. Kinda Fuzzy
    03. Accident Prone
    04. Peach Blossom
    05. On the Ropes
    06. The Turnaround
    07. New Alphabet
    08. Stick Together
    09. True Original
    10. Open My Present
    11. You’re My Friend
    12. I Am Building a Shine
    13. Wonderful, Glorious