Edward Sharpe Reminds You Ford Still Exists, Selling The Fiesta Again (Video)


    I first saw this new ad for the Ford Fiesta during last night’s three-billion-commercial-featuring series finale of LOST* and pretty much immediately picked it out as featuring “Janglin'” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. It’s a pretty cute ad, but I guess the notable thing is that Ford still exists as a company, and it is 150% ironic that now they’re trying to convince everyone that what they really need from a car is good gas mileage, not a car that could run over a soccer team with great ease (World Cup coming up, y’all!). Way to totally change streams, Ford. I bet it will totally work out for you. At least your soundtrack has gotten better, am I right?



    *- What did you all think of the series finale of the popular ABC television series LOST? For me, my favorite part was when it’s revealed that the idea that LOST would be a show that treats its viewers with respect by explaining at least half of the various questions the show introduced (Jacob, basically all of season five, the polar bears, what the island really “is,” babies not being born on the island, Desmond, the numbers, why no black people go to heaven, whether Han or Greedo shot first, the man in black, the others, basically all of season three) is just a dream that stupid dog had. Instead, LOST is apparently all about how people go to Heaven in the end, and all that other shit doesn’t matter. Which is a total cop out. I guess I’d be okay with that if approximately 103 episodes of LOST weren’t ENTIRELY about the weird shit that never gets explained in the end. Thanks for wasting six seasons of my life, LOST.