Eddie Van Halen Creates Super Guitar

    Maybe it’s the punk rawk in me, but I like to see a guitar get a good smashing every now and again. There’s just something iconic about that kind of destruction–like the London Burning cover, or Hendrix’s burning axe, or Cobain’s onstage freakouts. Eddie Van Halen seems to disagree, however. The fingertappin’ phenom recently designed a guitar with the help of a medical tool company that, apparently, is indestructable. It’s called the Wolfgang, after his son, and it retails for $3,000. And you can be assured of its quality, because Eddie himself tried to break one on Van Halen’s last tour to no avail. I really hope that footage ends up on Youtube sometime soon–something tells me that a guitar getting the best of Van Halen would be worth seeing. [Contactmusic]