Echo & The Bunnymen’s “The Killing Moon” Features In Audi Super Bowl Ad (Video)

    There was some unlikely musical accompaniment in a few of the commercials that aired during last night’s Super Bowl, including an appearance by “The Killing Moon” from Brit indie stalwarts Echo & the Bunnymen. It’s a track from the band’s classic Ocean Rain album from 1984, which was plucked out to promote Audi in the company’s vampire-themed ad.

    It’s a track that has paid rich dividends for the group over the years—it appeared in Donnie Darko back in 2001, as well as a number of TV spots and commercials. Fans of the band may have been surprised to hear it during the Super Bowl, but the song actually made a decent fit for Audi’s (kind of baffling) approach to promoting cars with vampires.

    Check it out below.