Echo & the Bunnymen Blast Into Outer Space

    Being in a successful band can be frustrating. Once you’ve reached the peak of your popularity on Earth, where do you go next? Lance Bass, formerly of N’Sync, had the right idea when he trained as a cosmonaut in Russia in 2002. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) Bass never got the chance to take his music into outer space after all his sponsorship fell through.

    Echo & the Bunnymen have bypassed the need to go through such rigorous training and have devised a better way to transmit their music into the ether. NASA astronaut Timothy Kopra is a huge Bunnymen fan, and is planning on taking his copy of Ocean Rain into outer space when he heads to the International Space Station on June 13.

    Kopra will doubtless be spinning “The Killing Moon,” as he toils away on the Space Station. Meanwhile, back on Earth, Echo & the Bunnymen are releasing a special edition of Ocean Rain later this month, which will mark the 25th anniversary of its release.


    [via NME]