Earl Sweatshirt’s Friend From Samoa Says ‘New Yorker’ Quotes Were Forced


    After that awesome, lengthy profile of Earl Sweatshirt in New Yorker, it seemed like the word on Earl Sweatshirt was final. Dude is in Samoa at a boarding school, and that’s that. But then questions about his quotes in the piece–He said he was not mad at his mom, and that he was happy–surfaced, and now here comes this story in Complex that pieces together Facebook quotes from Sweatshirt’s “friend” from Samoa, Tyler Craven. 


    Craven’s Facebook has been blown up by people asking him questions, and he’s been answering them. The biggest “revelations” are that he’s claiming that the only way to get released from the school is to turn 21–the legal adult age in Samoa–or to be so positive that you are allowed to graduate. So Craven is saying that Earl’s quotes in the piece were his, but he is only saying them to game school officials to try to get out of the school. Craven also says that Earl won’t quit rapping, and that he’ll be back as soon as he can. Go to Complex to see a breakdown.


    Of course, take all of this with a grain of salt, because who knows if Craven is really Sweatshirt’s friend. He could be putting one over on his Facebook page for shits and giggles.