Earl Sweatshirt Quotes Maybe Not His, Says Publicist

    I hate to pile on with more Odd Future stories (No I’m not), but here’s one that involves a lot of big questions: Earlier this week, the New Yorker published that monster story about Earl Sweatshirt, which, for the first time, had quotes from Earl himself. But yesterday, the group’s publicist, Heathcliff Berru, questioned whether or not those quotes were legit, telling XXL Mag

    “With them on tour [Odd Future] don’t want to talk about it,” he told XXL, “but it makes me wonder if that was Earl speaking or his mother speaking on his behalf. [New Yorker scribe] Kelefa [Sanneh] never technically had direct communication with Earl. All I know is that doesn’t sound like Earl. My only thought is for his safe return.”

    But while you might be able to write that off as a publicist blowing smoke, here’s where it gets complicated: The New Yorker admitted that the writer never directly talked to Earl: He e-mailed Earl’s mom questions, and she e-mailed Earl, who e-mailed her responses. That could be easily finagled by Earl’s mom, obviously, who could write whatever she wanted.


    Also complicating manners? Tyler’s tweets about the subject, which were conciliatory towards Earl’s mom. So maybe it really was Earl? Or maybe it wasn’t? As is the case with all things Earl, this shit is STILL complicated.