Earl Sweatshirt, King Krule, Warpaint, And Jagwar Ma Are Collaborating

    Could this be a supergroup of some sorts? All set to appear on Laneway Festival, Earl Sweatshirt, Warpaint, Jagwar Ma and King Krule have seemed to hit up the studio together during their stay in Australia.

    As Faster Louder reports, the two 19 year-olds Earl and Krule and Warpaint’s drummer Stella Mozgawa and Jagwar Ma’s Jono Ma teamed up for “an epice 12 hour all-night recording session,” in a studio owned by Sydney producer Jonti Danilewitz (Mark Ronson, Santigold).

    While this supergroup may come to a surprise, all the members have had some form of contact with each other or have collaborated in the past. King Krule and Earl Sweatshirt have worked together; while their collaboration has yet to be released, Sweatshirt commented on his studio time with the guitar wunderkid to Clash Music:  “We were very much on the same page. We were just sitting there faded, fucking doodling. That shit was tight … He put vocals on this one beat that I gave him, and then we made a beat together.” Warpaint’s Mozgawa has also collaborated with Jagwar Ma as she was featured on Jagwar Ma’s debut album Howlin’ and Jono Ma worked with Warpaint on “Biggie.”