Earl Sweatshirt Debuts New Song “45”

    OFWGKTA-affliated rapper Earl Sweatshirt tweeted earlier today a mysterious new song under the name “45” with the message “ALCHEMIST / SWAMPMAN.” Presumably this means that the Alchemist produced the short track (the producer has worked with members of Odd Future in the past). Listen to “45” below:

    Earl Sweatshirt also tweeted earlier this year that he’s had the follow-up album to 2013’s Doris ready for release since June. Perhaps this new track is a sneak peak at what’s to come from that, or maybe it’s just another taste of what the rapper has been up to in the interim. Either way, he’s clearly prepared to drop new music when the time feels right.

    A couple similarly-enigmatic older unreleased tracks were unearthed a few months back as well, one of which featured Mac Miller and Vince Staples. Check those out here: