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Eagles of Death Metal on Denny's Rockstar menu

Eagles of Death Metal on Denny's Rockstar menu

Music and munchies have been coming together for cross-promotional purposes since at least the 1940s, when Sonny Boy Williamson and B.B. King signed on to help sell flour on the King Biscuit radio show, so let's not go getting our skinny jeans all in a bunch over the latest spate of bands to go down that road. Try to keep a cool head upon being informed that Denny's new Rockstar menu features such hot items as emo heroes Taking Back Sunday's "Taking Back Bacon Burger Fries," the Plain White T's-approved "Plain White Shake," the All-American Rejects' burger-based "All American S.O.S.," and of course, the Eagles of Death Metal's pancake dish "Heart on a Plate."


Sure, some of these platters look a bit unappetizing (hell, we could apply that same phrase to some of these band's albums, but that's another story), and it's difficult to imagine either fans or non-fans caring much about Josh Homme's grim visage being attached to their choice of breakfast food, but where's the harm? Only in the internal organs. And even though we've already made our case for the historical precedent and acceptability of such endeavors, let's just all keep this little incident in mind over the years to come, shall we?  Just in case any of the aforementioned artistes ever start playing the rebel-rock outlaw card a little too hard. Let's call it pre-emptive reality-check overdraft protection... [Tiny Mix Tapes]

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All-American Rejects
Eagles of Death Metal
Plain White T's
Taking Back Sunday

Yeah, yeah, I know the photo's not the EODM, keep your shirt on. Maybe we'll swap it out, but the All-American Rejects' Denny's photo was so much more fun.

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You know what I thought was kind of cool of this campaign? The artists involved get to eat at Denny's for free when they're on tour. They're working with a lot of up and coming bands as well, and sometimes those guys are just BROKE on the road and living off merch money. Don't know why I found that kind of endearing. I have a soft spot for Denny's, thank goodness there isn't one nearby or I might die an early death from congestive heart failure due to one too many Grand Slams.

Gabi Porter

All the more reason I'm a vegan and why I dislike most chain restaurants but, the kids gotta eat.

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